Mediapocalypse Now, a16z’s Chris Dixon Defends Crypto, and HatGPT

Layoffs are hitting newsrooms and publishers again, as tech platforms, ad markets and artificial intelligence reshape the internet. Kevin Roose and Casey Newton have ideas for solutions. Then, one of the most influential investors in crypto companies lays out where the industry went wrong, and why he still thinks blockchains are the future. And finally, a round of HatGPT with the week’s tech headlines, including a spicy LinkedIn post and an A.I. test that disturbs Kevin and Casey’s sense of reality.

“Hard Fork” is hosted by Kevin Roose and Casey Newton and produced by Davis Land and Rachel Cohn. The show is edited by Jen Poyant. Engineering by Chris Wood and original music by Dan Powell, Elisheba Ittoop and Marion Lozano. Fact-checking by Caitlin Love.

Special thanks to Paula Szuchman,Pui-Wing Tam, Nell Gallogly, Kate LoPresti and Jeffrey Miranda.